17 million SYN Burn Event

As announced in yesterdays blog post we have burned 17 million SYN. These tokens are being burned as a result of reducing public sale rounds from 3 rounds to 1 and to keep the dev fund holding approximately 40% of SYN total supply. SYN tokens were sent to the 0x00…dEaD burn address, links to both transactions are listed below.

Public sales fund, 10 Million SYN burned https://etherscan.io/tx/0xec7d4bb2d22fda7aaa2b59c840962ca45216d8edeece47aac08e67f6f72a88c6

Dev wallet fund, 7 Million SYN burned https://etherscan.io/tx/0x1ab81f8aac3932ddb774f535e2c35f9142ffbe269698050b0b229a4bae1ddd8a

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