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The upgrades to SynLev price calculator and price aggregator contracts have been live for over 2 weeks. Based on real world testing we can confrim these changes counteract the effects of bots abusing the Chainlink oracle system and improve the SynLev exchange for both traders and liquidity providers. As such…

SYN/ETH Uniswap LP staking is live at!

This is a short how to and explanation of how to stake your SYN/ETH Uniswap LP tokens for ETH rewards in addition to standard Uniswap fees. First it’s important to understand how normal SYN token staking works. Our new Uniswap LP program works in a very similar manner.

How it Works

First, nothing…

SynLev X Chainlink

Yearning For More Trading Pairs

3XYFI/USD is now SynLev’s third asset release, our first being 3XETH/USD followed by 3XBTC/USD, both of which are powered by Chainlink oracles and have been trading successfully for over three weeks. We have learned a lot over the past few months with regards to implementation…

To celebrate the recent launch of SynLev’s thirds asset 3XYFI/USD we are holding a 2 week long trading competition with a total prize pool of 70,000 SYN. Once the competition begins a live leader-board will be hosted at

Competition Period: 2021/1/15 12:00 to 2021/1/29 12:00 (UTC)

The top 11 addresses raked by effective 3XYFI/USD trading volume (in Ethereum) will share a pool of 70,000 SYN. The reward pool will be split among traders as follows.

  • First Place: 25,000 SYN
  • Second Place: 15,000 SYN
  • Third Place: 10,000 SYN
  • 4th-11th Place: 2,500 SYN each

Join the official SynLev ​ Telegram​ group chat to participate in the discussion and follow us on ​ Twitter​ for the latest updates. You can also bookmark our ​ official SynLev website​ to stay up to date. | Exchange | Telegram | Twitter

Updated versions of the Synlev Price Calculator and Price Aggregator have been implemented on the Ethereum mainnet. Future price updates will now be handled by the new algorithm. For more information on these upgrades please see our previous blog post.

These changes are now live and implemented on both 3XETH/USD and 3XBTC/USD. Trade now at

Affected Contracts

Price Calculator Proxy: 0x80D129A01879422EB102c47Ed32DC6E8B123D05f

Price Calculator v1.3: 0x8B8BFCEDE1fAa498976437Da23a602789642B903

Price Aggregator Proxy: 0xb658E8680c1E1f148fb09cDbB3Bd0d58F9c14c00

Price Aggregator v1.3: 0x717584a1DC53DAFddE10b9819601A7082536E79e

Join the discussion on telegram at Follow us on twitter @SynLevDefi for the latest updates.

Chainlink Oracle Price Smoothing (100 Round)

Today we are introducing updates to the SynLev priceCalculator.sol and priceAggregator.sol contracts. The contracts are currently live Ethereum mainnet for testing and observation purposes only. They have been proposed to their respective proxies and must wait 48 hours before being fully implemented.

Goals of Upgrades

  • To increase long term LP share price.
  • Curb…

Join the SynLev team and help us grow!

Happy new year to everyone! 2020 was a great year for SynLev and the DeFi space as a whole. And we want to make 2021 even better! Many know that I have been personally managing most aspects of the SynLev project from…

Our 3X BTC/USD LP rewards program ended yesterday, 23 Dec at 14:00 UTC. 500,000 SYN has been awarded to 165 addresses who provided 3X BTC/USD liquidity. All SYN was sent in the two transactions linked below.



Follow us on twitter @SynLevDefi and join our telegram group for the latest updates.

The SynLev Exchange has been live for just over a month and in that time we have seen over 154,000 ETH in trading volume, 718 ETH fees paid to SYN stakers, and 15 million SYN staked in the Syn Staking contract. We are very happy with the progress we’ve made…

SYN Public Sale Price in ETH

The token sale has been delayed by 24 hours to 18:00 24 Dec (UTC) due to a technical issue.

We have received very positive feedback on our token sale proposal as laid out in our SYN token economic update. The community was happy with the reduction in the token sale…


Defi Synthetic Leveraged token ecosystem built on Ethereum and Chainlink oracles

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