First SynLev Asset Pre-Launch Micro Update

We are very excited to launch our first leveraged synthetic asset. A 3X ETH/USD BULL & BEAR pair will launch tomorrow Nov 18 at 11 AM EST. This is phase 3 in our launch plan detailed in a previous blog post. Once trading begins all SynLev exchange liquidity providers will start earning fees in ETH immediately.

SYN Staking

SYN staking will not be enabled on launch. We want to ensure we can offer adequate support to users and troubleshoot any issues. As such SYN holders can expect staking to be turned on a few days after the launch tomorrow. All ETH fees that would be paid to SYN stakers will be diverted to a holding contract and released 24 hours after SYN staking is turned on to give all users a fair chance to claim initial staking rewards.

Pre-Launch Maintenance

To prepare for mainnet launch and contract upgrades announced previously the SynLev exchange page will be offline for approximately 5 hours before launch.

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