How to: SYN/ETH Uniswap Liquidity Rewards

SYN/ETH Uniswap LP staking is live at!

How it Works

The ETH rewards from SynLev trading fees are then forwarded from the SYN staking contract to the SYN UNIV2 staking contract and finally to the UNIV2 stakers. As seen below.

How To Start Staking

Once you have your SYN/ETH UNIV2 tokens continue to To start click the “Approve” button to allow deposits to the staking contract.

And confirm the transaction.

Next enter how many UNIV2 tokens you would like to stake, or hit “Max” to stake your entire wallet balance.

And confirm the transaction.

And that’s it! You are now staking your Uniswap liquidity tokens and will be earning ETH fees in addition to the normal Uniswap fees. Your ETH profits will appear in the “Your Unclaimed rewards” section.

Your rewards may be claimed at anytime simply by clicking “Claim ETH” and confirming the transaction. (Note: ETH rewards are automatically claimed when adding staking tokens or removing staking tokens)

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?

For example:

14 million SYN total are being staked 1 million from the UNI LP staking contract. 14 ETH in fees are generated by SynLev exchange trading and forwarded to the staking contract. 1 ETH is then forwarded to the UNI LP staking contract as they are staking 1/14th of the total SYN being staked. You are staking 100 UNIV2 tokens out of a total of 1000 UNIV2 tokens being staked. Therefore you earn 0.1 ETH from the 14 ETH in generated fees.

As of writing 1 UNIV2 token represents about 140 SYN and 0.028 ETH, or an equivalent value of 280 SYN. And there are only 1000 UNIV2 tokens being staking earning the fees of 1,000,000 SYN. Effectively making it about 3.57X more profitable to stake UNIV2 tokens than SYN tokens. This of course will change based on the total amount of SYN being staked, SYN price, amount of UNIV2 being staked, etc…

Useful Links

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