SynLev 3X ETH/USD LP Rewards Round 2

We just ended round 1 of our 3X ETH/USD LP rewards program. All liquidity providers have been send SYN in the two transactions linked below. The second round will be identical to the first round detailed here with a guide on how to join. In short it will evenly reward 500,000 SYN to all 3X ETH/USD pair liquidity providers over the next 21 days, based on the amount of ETH deposited(in shares) and length of time provided. In the end round 1 rewarded ~36.7 SYN per ETH per day. Please note the rate will not be the same for round 2 as it is calculated at the end of the 21 day period.

Round 1 LP rewards transactions:



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Defi Synthetic Leveraged token ecosystem built on Ethereum and Chainlink oracles