SynLev 3XBTC/USD Trading Competition - 70,000 SYN Prize Pool

Dec 15, 2020
SynLev 3XBTC/USD trading competition

To celebrate the recent launch of SynLev’s second asset 3XBTC/USD we are holding a week long trading competition with a total prize pool of 70,000 SYN. Once the competition begins a live leader-board will be hosted at

Competition Period: 2020/12/18 18:00 to 2020/12/25 18:00 (UTC)

The top 11 addresses raked by effective 3XBTC/USD trading volume (in Ethereum) will share a pool of 70,000 SYN. The reward pool will be split among traders as follows.

  • First Place: 25,000 SYN
  • Second Place: 15,000 SYN
  • Third Place: 10,000 SYN
  • 4th-11th Place: 2,500 SYN each

Join the official SynLev ​ Telegram​ group chat to participate in the discussion and follow us on ​ Twitter​ for the latest updates. You can also bookmark our ​ official SynLev website​ to stay up to date. | Exchange | Telegram | Twitter




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