SynLev Exchange LP Rewards are LIVE

Yes, the SynLev Exchange has launched it’s first feature: liquidity providing, live on To bootstrap liquidity we are offering LP rewards starting now and ending on Nov 23 15:00 UTC, to learn more about this program read our how to guide. Not only is this our first version of the SynLev dApp on the Ethereum mainnet, but this is a huge milestone for the project as all core SynLev contracts are now live on the mainnet.

Up Next

This means the SynLev asset trading launch is imminent. We are now waiting to build exchange liquidity and doing final preparations for the full product launch. For full details of our launch phases see our launch blog post.

As always huge thanks to the community and everyone who has helped the project. I’m very happy with what we’ve accomplished and to start rolling out our first assets. Follow us on twitter @SynLevDefi and join our telegram group for the latest updates.



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