SynLev is hiring! Solidity Dev, Web Dev, PR/Marketing, and Business Dev.

Join the SynLev team and help us grow!

Happy new year to everyone! 2020 was a great year for SynLev and the DeFi space as a whole. And we want to make 2021 even better! Many know that I have been personally managing most aspects of the SynLev project from development to PR. We have of course had a lot of help and support from the community. A special thanks to everyone who has helped the project there are too many to name but you know who you are, we couldn’t have done it without you.

To allow the project to grow we are now hiring team members. We are preferably looking for applicants who are already familiar with SynLev and passionate about it’s development. Or who are currently active in the DeFi space. All positions must be able to work with minimal direction, we are still very small and need self starter motivated team members.


Solidity Dev

This position will be working very closely with myself (Icarus) on SynLev core contract development as well ancillary contracts.


Lead Web Dev

This position is for a full stack developer with the ability and experience to design and implement websites from wireframe and UX/UI design to implementation. Applicant will actively update, test, fix, and implement new features.


Head of Social Media and PR

This position will be in charge the public side of SynLev. Including management of SynLev social media accounts, writing regular blog posts and announcements. Creating and running contests.


Business Development

This position will act as a first point of contact for all SynLev business inquiries. Duties will begin with acting as a first point of contact with the goal of eventually handling business negotiations and relationships with autonomy. This position will primarily consist of managing the email account.


Join the discussion on telegram at Follow us on twitter @SynLevDefi for the latest updates.

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