SynLev Price Calculator and Price Aggregator Upgraded to v1.3

Jan 9, 2021

Updated versions of the Synlev Price Calculator and Price Aggregator have been implemented on the Ethereum mainnet. Future price updates will now be handled by the new algorithm. For more information on these upgrades please see our previous blog post.

These changes are now live and implemented on both 3XETH/USD and 3XBTC/USD. Trade now at

Affected Contracts

Price Calculator Proxy: 0x80D129A01879422EB102c47Ed32DC6E8B123D05f

Price Calculator v1.3: 0x8B8BFCEDE1fAa498976437Da23a602789642B903

Price Aggregator Proxy: 0xb658E8680c1E1f148fb09cDbB3Bd0d58F9c14c00

Price Aggregator v1.3: 0x717584a1DC53DAFddE10b9819601A7082536E79e

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